Can anyone here be kind enough and help me with this issue.
I’m a very small user. I somehow managed to save only 30 dollars and deposited it but mistakenly I deposit it wrongly in USDT BEP 20. now I can’t swap it. Because of the BNB zero issue. They say you don’t have enough fee. I will be very thankful to anyone who can help me. PLEASE !!!

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If I want to withdraw from BNB (Binance) to trust wallet, they are saying that a minimum of 0.1 BNB is required. I don’t have enough funds to purchase 0.1 BNB. I am okay with them cutting the fee of 0.60 from my USDT but I am stuck :frowning:

please help me. ANYONE?

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I will be very grateful to anyone who can help me with the issue. Please?

Please. I’m really stuck in the middle. Can’t do anything with the USDT.
Please help me.

I am having the same issue, but with XRP BEP20. It says that i need £0.25 approve the XRP to Smart Chain, but i need smart chain in order to pay for the fee

Meme probleme avec 119 BUSD soit 100 € !!!
Si quelqu’un veut bien m’envoyer BNB contre BUSD…
Merci pour votre aide

Hi. I am having the same issue. I sent bnb from binance to trust wallet and it still says I dont have enough bnb to transact or do anything. Can some please assist as I have google searched, emailed support and read very article i could find but no luck. 5 hours trying to figure out something that should be very simple.

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Which chain did you send the BNB to on your trustwallet, bep2 or bep20, and where are you getting the message ‘not enough BNB’ to transact

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Thanks. I sent my bmb from my binance account to my trust wallet so i could transact. When i try to withdraw my twt or swop it it keeps saying not enough bmb smart chain but i just sent bnb from my binance account. When i try and swap bmb to bmb sc it gives me the same error not enough bnb sc. So i am a little stuck.

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Same problem here, stuck with usdt bep2 want to convert to BNB and the app taking fee from BNB and this is a big bullshit should take from your coin not from BNB cant send BNB from binance to trustwallet because they minimum ammount of a transaction is 0.1 BNB and that s alot for me. But after i send usdt here and it s stuck i dont trust this app anymore.

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Masalah saya juga sama ada bisa bantu, terimakasih sblumnya ,:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Same. Stuck too. I purchased bnb2 in the trust wallet app, sent me 3rd party, received the bnb2. When I try to change the bnb2 to bnb20, it says insufficient funds… hope someone can help…

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Figured out my issue. I didn’t account for transaction fees. Need to ensure that price is reduced from requested swap. Hope this helps.

Are you able to convert your BNB to any other currency? For example, I accidentally purchased BTC & was having a hard time converting it to BNB. I found a guy on GitHub who suggested I use the crypto dot com app (which has horrible Play store reviews & was about the only app I didn’t have bc of that) to convert from BTC to BNB - the left side of the swap is the sell side (I wanted to ultimately purchase Safemoon, from Pancake which seemed to be the only place I could get it from).

It worked, AND I was also able to buy my Safemoon there so that saved me in fees. Had I done that from the beginning, my initial $100 would still be close to $100. Instead, I tried so many different ways, & with so many different apps, it turned into only $78 in the end after all those fees.

I don’t know what your ultimate goal is, but don’t waste your money on fees like I did. Have your goal in mind. And check GitHub if you need to.