Smart chain problemi

It is the correct phrase I have imported it before multiple times with no issues

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Hello alan. Pred dvema dnevoma so mi ukradli air token in elon sperm token in safemmon token iz trust priblilizno 2000 usd.

How can I contact someone to help? There seems to be no solution to my issue, I am using my same recovery words I have used in the past

Hi @davelinks
Unless your tokens were sent out without your knowledge; If you are using the correct recovery keys, your funds would be intact.

I downloaded and reopened the wallet on a different phone, but the problem persisted.

The problem is, they aren’t. I had tokens, deleted my wallet, re installed, used the only recovery phase I’ve ever had that again, had worked before, and now it’s empty. Is there really no way to get help? There’s nothing more annoying than someone telling you that you are not having the problem that you are having. I have my wallet address, I have been sending myself BNB from kucoin, I am simply looking for someone who can help me figure this out

Sure am glad I trusted trust wallet. Thanks for the help. Another random group of people I’ve lost money to. Take care everyone good luck

Please reply me i have submitted all the details which you ask ,its approved since long time no one reply me .

Hi @robinvarghese,
You sent BNB to a contract address and didn’t swap your tokens.
Unfortunately we can not reverse, refund or cancel sent transactions.