Smart contract call?

Hi - used uniswap to convert eth to BOR. Connected to my trust wallet via wallet connect but now under eth all I’m seeing is a ‘smart contract call’?? No clue where my funds are or why this has happened given I connected my trust wallet for the transaction. So frustrating


And you did not recieve the bor you converted your eth to

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Can you send your wallet address … Let me check it on etherscan for you


Smart contract call simply is an authorisation for the Contract Address to interact with your wallet address (fee taken).
Before you can swap your ETH to BOR check if the slippage is high. Next confirm if you actually did the swap.

If it’s your first time swapping to BOR, you need to Approve transaction first by clicking “Approve”, then click “Swap” to complete the transaction.


Thanks - issue was however that trust wallet did not currently have the BOR token on the app, but once I realised I needed to add the token manually the funds appeared.