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I have several Smart Contract Calls in my ETH wallet. Etherscan shows I received CRT (ERC20) tokens but they are not arriving in my wallet. What do I need to do to receive them? This is one for example… Hash ID - 0x027263d58ff9fd84c8ec209655170a2b57b892e2530c83205db59de17fa0a359

Trust wallet version: 2.7058.0 (7058)

I checked the transaction and followed to where it was sent.

It seems the tokens were taken out of the wallet already:

Yes, there seems to be a delay and I missed those transactions coming in and me sending them out. The specific transaction and looking at that I cannot find is the following:


The CRT tokens are on this wallet address: 0x39214388e10a3ffbc30295262dace85a52b47f26

This transaction is not shown anymore on the app because the app has its limits on what it can show on the transaction list.
But it does not mean it is not credited to the wallet.
Every transaction that comes in will be added automatically to the wallet.
Currently there is 4,402.48341322 CRT on the address.
It will be the same amount you will see on your end.
I imported the wallet as view mode and saw the same.
Nothing is missing.

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Hello good people my account just transferred Ethereum to someone whilst I was not aware of it can someone help me on how to deal with it I’m now feeling insecure honestly :sob:

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Please, I have 6 pending transactions, I need assistance to cancel them

Always keep your funds safe and Stay Safe from Scammers.

To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
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Version 1.10.2
Crypto address is 0x9359a4A26da3ADfa94AeC64704e896F1DE1Ab1Fd

I have smart contracts with my current Ether address which is compromised. Is there a way to change the forsage smart contract ether address

Change to a new address or keep losing your ETH on the compromised wallet.


How can we help you today?
I just see a normal ETH transfer with this transaction ID.

o better assist, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Details about your issue
  4. Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)

I also have an ETH wallet on TrustWallet, linked to a smart contract, from which I receive automatic earnings. I have never exposed my private key , I Printed it and I keep it safe, erasing it from electronic devices, but tonight someone managed to enter my wallet and move all the funds.
they weren’t a lot, in fact i’m not worried about that, as much as the fact that this account is linked to the smart contract system and i can’t change it. so the hacker will continue to be able to move ETH on his wallets each earn I receive.
We both have access to the same wallet now.

Isn’t there a way to confirm the send transactions via 2-Factor authentication ? or any way to prevent him from moving the coins from the wallet?

Trust Wallet app version
3.1 (63)

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Please read this:

Ok thanks zachzwei, I read your link, but , even if I delete my trust wallet account, the hacker still have access to that, because he get (I suppose) the private key. Right ? So , why I should delete my trustwallet account?

Yes, you are right. Even if you delete the wallet, the hacker still has access to the compromised one.
We suggest deleting the compromised wallet so that you wont accidentally use it.

Hi Sir.

Can you please help me? I was a victim of scammers all the ETH that i have on my trust wallet was stolen. Is there a way for me to recover it?