Smart contrat call ans never received my BNB

I use pancakeswap to transfer my BNB to NFTART, i have message smart contrat call in history of my BNB but i never receve my NFTART in my TW, HELP PLEASE.

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I believe there is an issue I am mining using Unmineable sending to an address (WINK), an everything was working fine, however any transaction after 9:00pm GMT is not showing(at least that is the first transaction not showing), every 4 hours I get a new deposit, none of them after 9 has been working or showing.

I decided to delete the trust wallet and add it again, and now is showing 0 so basically something very wrong is happening.

Weird thing is that my 0.000008 TRX worth nothing are still showing no problem.

Is anyone from Trust wallet going to explain what is going on here?

Have they run with our money or what?

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