So this is a Scam?

So who else just had their wallet wiped and not to mention when i asked for assistance i got kivked from the telegram group. I though this was suppose to be one of the most secure wallets not a bunch if theives. So tell me. Why is my wallet now empty and why was I kicked from telegram for asking for assistance? Please do tell before I start my report. I’d love to know your excuse. By all means make me look like a jerk right now for saying this I want you to because im very angry and my crypto is gone. Ill wait a couple hours for you guys to figure out whats going on and if i don’t get things back right well then ill know exactly what to put in my report. That would be a shame since I’ll have to completely rewrite it from the 5 star rating I did have it on. I’ll be waiting.


First of all, I don’t know why you got removed from the Telegram community. Maybe you spammed the group so much. There’s no other way to got banned.

Now coming to your wallet issue.

  1. Did you cleared cache and data file ??. If so, then that’s the problem.

  2. Why so worry ??? No one got your wallet and no one scammed your money. Trust wallet is a non custodial wallet which means you have full control over your account. Trust wallet have no control over you account.

Why didn’t you import the wallet again ??? You must have got a private key or recovery phrase. Now tell me whether you lost your phrase or not. If not then don’t worry, you can recover your account with that phrase. But if you lost your phrase, no one can help you in this matter.

Again, did you forget to note down private key or recovery phrase ??? If so, then that would be the dumbest work, so you are.


I feel sorry for what happened to your wallet like @ahmedtanjid mentioned in his post, try importing the wallet again using your phase word or private key would really help, just calm your nerves down and handle the situation.


None of the above. I actually only was able to say one thing before they kicked me. I has i have an issue. For some reason my wallet has been wiped. My income from forsage my income from my miners and dapps everything but 50 soul tokens and they kicked me out

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There could be several reasons brother .
To eradicate spams and scams teams have to root out from the groups. It’s like a pressure to make safe and secure their platform.
If you have been spamming unnecessary things in telegram the result is kick out .
As you are claiming that you have lossed your assets from Trust wallet, Make sure you properly contact with Trust Wallet customer support with all details…


If you successfully imported your wallet, then you should have got your assets back. For further solution, kindly add,

  1. Trust wallet app version
  2. Account Wallet
  3. Transaction id (if have)
  4. Type of error’s screenshot etc

Administrator will help you out.


I have it set to where I have all my passphrases all together and as for logging in its through finger print or pin. But I don’t understand why instead of actually helping they just kick me and im not the only one. Hopefully you can still see it but if you log into telegram you will see other people saying their wallet was “re authenticated” or something and they lost their money too. They are saying this is a scam. Iv been with trust for along time. Iv referred many people but haven’t gotten a single token from it like i was supose to. Since now I know im not the only one it actually makes me feel alil better in away because unless this is taken care of I know exactly what to do. The amount of money I put into trust and this happens lol. Just like Binance when they locked me out of my account stealing over 700 from me then saying we don’t serve the US. hah yea but apparently they will alow trade until you get enough worth stealing. This was alil more than 1 year ago.

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I take no ensure in this. J wouldn’t have put my money in this if I had doubts. I trusted them 100% and if this is how ill be treated then fine. Its their loss. Im an angel investor with raging bull along with a founding member of New Wave Wealth Advisors and lifetime member of the director circle in Oxford. I have many contacts and alot of them started trust from my recommendation. And I assure you that wont last much longer if this isn’t resolved.


Like i said i want this to be wrong. I feel like an ass saying this because of how much I trusted and talked them up to everyone. But the getting kicked after just kne statement of calling out for assistance? INEXCUSABLE. Yea there wasn’t that much in there at the time but that is completely irrelevant. The fact of the matter is my money is gone and my miners are tied to that account and im shutting them down now and having to change everything. Someone will be paying me back and that you can be 100% sure of.


Seems like you’ve faced so many bad things with Trust wallet. Kindly add the above mentioned documents and administrator will help you soon. Also, change the category to support and feedback so that admin can have eye on your post and help you thoroughly.