Solana NFTs are not visible

I received a Solana NFT in my Trust Wallet but can’t see it. It’s there per NFTeyes website. Is there a way to access it?

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Hello @MattWilliams we don’t support Solana NFTs currently. You have to import your wallet to the wallet that supports Solana NFTs .

Can you tell me how to import Trust to another wallet? I keep trying but am unclear on how to accomplish it.

Exact same issue. Your website says TW supports spl tokens. What can I do now?

You can use your recovery keys to import your Trust wallet to another wallet.
Please note that SLP is supported but their NFTs are not

are you talking about the secret phrase? I can’t get the private key out of TW. What exactly are the “Recovery Keys”?

Okay, got it sorted out. Phew. did not lose my nft. Thanks for the help.