Solana wallet import

I just imported solana wallet by 24 phrases and cant see my assets in trust, a can you give me some advice? The Public address in trust wallet is different than in solana wallet

Trust Wallet uses a 12-word seed phrase whereas Solana 24 word phrase. Moreover, Solana is supported within Trust:

Did you try to add the assets manually on your Trust Wallet?

You can manually add the supported coin/token to your wallet. To do so:

  1. Tap the Toggle icon in the top right corner of the main wallet screen
  2. Search for the asset you’d like to add to your list in the wallet view
  3. Tap the toggle on the item you’d like to add from the search results

Learn more:
How to Add or Remove a Coin

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How you doing i tried to add some solana from my Trust wallet from ETH could you please help me receive my funds thanks

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I have the same issue, do anyone find the solve?
I need to claim token with my solana address but when I am importing TRUST to any other wallet it changing my receiving address.
I can’t connect TRUST to new token website to claim because they are not supporting TRUST.

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