Some ways to spot Fake Airdrops

Most often, you get series of invitations to join one Airdrop or the other. As a newbie, if caution is not taken, you may find yourself joining several Telegram bots, groups, channels, following several Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube, registering in several websites among others.

After all these, you may end up getting the shock of your life by later realising that majority of such Airdrops are fake.

So, how can one spot Fake Airdrops? Below are some ways. You may add yours through the comment section.

  1. Deposit before Withdrawal: Any Airdrop that ask users to deposit before making a withdrawal is FAKE. Don’t fall for such.

  2. Send Secret Keys: Any Airdrop that ask for your Secret Keys is not only FAKE but a Scam.

  3. Follow Sponsor Channels, Pages and Handles: Any Airdrop that keeps asking you to join series of sponsored Telegram Channels/Groups, Twitter/Facebook/YouTube pages is FAKE.

  4. High Conversion Rate: Any Airdrop that promises thousands of dollars of their unlisted Coins conversion is FAKE.

  5. Fake Rating: Most often, this may not be fake but trying to cow others to believe what they’re not. Any Airdrop that insist you to give them 5 Stars Rating on Google Playstore should be looked at with key caution.


Please drop your point in the comment.



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I already joined many fake airdrops…by mistakenly

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Lots of them everywhere.


Thanks for this wonderful piece of information. Really, fake airdrops abound. Let us be very careful as we go for them.

DYOR and take due diligence!

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Thanks for this information


Most of the time you cannot do comments or send messages to some legit airdrop just to control spamming but if a group giving you withdrawal proof but strictly not allowing member to send messages any of their group could be a scam.

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