Someone please help me ASAP!

I sent 3.5 BNB smart chain to meta mask. The info on the Bsc page says it was sent out of trust successfully but it has not shown up in MetaMask and it’s been over 20 hours now. I desperately need these funds to pay for my cats surgery or they won’t operate on him and he is at the vet now while they wait for me to try to get the funds. We’re running out of time please help someone I’m begging!!!

I’ve been emailing all day and no one has answered me once. I’ve been emailing since minutes after this transaction super early this morning

Is there a reason your giving me a whats app number Nd not just helping me yourself?


Above number is only six digits what is 7th number? Sssssssssssssssssssss

Is someone going to ask for my personal keys? Or anything like that? Usually When someone says use what’s app is some dirt person with no job

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You right, that Self-care joined a few hours ago. Its probably fraud
And I got all mad :rage: at them.

Hope your cat is going to be ok.

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Wow. I’ve never even been on this messenger and I don’t know what’s going on. :pleading_face:

@JamesHoffaFSU if funds transferred successfully from Trust Wallet that means there’s problem on destination’s side. Contact metamask for support. You can share your transaction hash here so that I can confirm.

Do not use any whatsapp service… this is a scam. Use any whatsapp service at your own risk.

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I do not use what’s app or even talk to subhuman scum inviting me to do so. Thank you though. :pray:t3:

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