Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash How do i Fixed?

Hello there.

Today I sent ethereum tokens to another site via trustwallet. But the token I sent didn’t go to the other side.They say the hash code cannot be found and they told me I threw the wrong code.

However, there is no error in the information. Looking at bcsscan, it looks like it got the correct address from my account.

First of all, my first question is why is my hash number not showing on the sites I am querying?

T.hey tell me they can’t read my txid code and they don’t have tokens in their account.

This is the picture I sent a receipt via truewallet.
Information :
Transaction Hash:


If it was a mistake, forgive and thank everyone in advance




Hi @selected1,

Please contact the customer support of the site where you are trying to deposit your ETH BEP20. Ask them if they support Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) ETH deposits.

If they do support it, they should be able to locate your deposit with its transaction hash. If not, unfortunately, you may consider your funds as lost. The only way to recover them is that if they are willing to configure their system to do so.


that seems difficult but thank you.

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