SPAM in twt... I mean TrustWallet comunity

Is it just me or is it nice whenever somebody just thumbs up reply to one of your responses let me make you come to encourage you to want to write some more. And it’s our community the community’s goal is to encourage learning and sharing of ideas on crypto-currency isn’t that what we want is to encourage?as this contest is slowly evolving which will be soon over and I’m probably just disqualifying myself for it now if this even gets posted, it seems like it’s becoming less of a community and more of a airdrop for twt token. We aren’t even allowed to discuss other tokens or trading or airdrops but whenever it comes to discussing the twt token and what price it might be breaking out a tan on coingecko one day it’s all out do what you want. So just the trust wallet community or is it the trust wallet ad? I mean I love money as much as the next guy but call a spade a spade, and don’t censor the community based on your own bias or don’t call it the community at all


Community gets stronger with criticism and using it to build further. A community where everyone goes gaga and no issue and problems is definitely going to die as the community is not organic and has some unrelated hidden benefits it is waiting to cash on


Of course it’s easier for the people to just say hello to each other, post useless topics etc. and get some likes just for the count, than to actually bring some real value to this community.

I don’t think so, I also wrote about this disturbing aspects and I’m still here. For now, this community is rather a gathering of mostly purposeless people, who are only looking for some free money. I would like so badly to name a few, but I won’t - you will find them on 99% of the other posts, writing the same answer over and over again, hoping to get one more like.

However, there’s also the golden 1%, the light at the end of the tunnel I might say, who is actually trying to bring some value, whose posts are genuine, who are not here to say hello to eachother or to start pointless topics about receiving this or that badge.

Take your own topic as an example: a straight-to-the-point topic, addressing a serious problem. Where’s the community? All of them to the “hello, beautiful day” posts. Try making a post about receiving a badge or something and you’ll see them all storming in with answers and likes.

I know we are early, but if we don’t start to clean now, the rubbish will eventually overwhelm us! @moderators
I hope this topic is understood correctly.




Like you said, I have noticed so many irrelevant and pointless topics which adds no value to the community.
So many persons keep repeating topic over and over again, just to get some likes or to move to the next level or be eligible for the Airdrop, neglecting the main purpose or aim of this community.
I keep telling myself that the community hasn’t yet achieved its purpose until the Airdrop is over and the authentic user who believes in the progress of the community are the only ones left behind.
But for the mean time, the user who really care for the progress of the community can help keep the community clean by flagging irrelevant post or topic.
Although many will abuse the power but it might still help reduce the ongoing spamming in the community. That’s my own opinion.


Not at all bro. I think we can discuss about crypto market


Without any official authority from the mods, we are not in position to start such a cleaning process. I think we have to wait till the airdrp is over and only afterwards see what the official have to say about this problem. If they won’t intervene, the community’s quality will continue to decline.


@Aezakmi well understood, nice piece


It’s good that this issue is brought up because if certain things aren’t done about spamming here it can sniff out life from the community.
I personally don’t have an issue with people liking each others comment or post when the comment has value or have thought you something. Certain things shouldn’t be encouraged like

  1. Creating new post on topic that have been posted several. You can simply comment on the previous post or related one.
  2. Whenever, a Trustee ask about a project, concept, coin/token etc, you find many of the responses or comments say DYOR even without giving at least one opinion about the topic. Asking for the community view is part of doing my research and not just ready white papers. The main reason of being here is to learn and if one can find answers to questions here then it’s just a waste of time.
  3. As much a we like to celebrate successes, seeing several new topics on achieving a level or badge is obstructive. Imagine like 70% of a post in a day is announcing you a now in a new level or asking how to get there when it has been posted severally within a short period already.

These observations are not absolute as genuine comments and likes to nice comments are appreciated and should be encouraged.
In all I feel it is sometimes better not to say anything than say things just to occupy the space.

Thank you mates and do have a great day.


In regard to the leveling up, why not create a announcement board that shows who earned their badge that day. and don’t post have it set up to where he doesn’t post comments you can like it thumbs up and that’s it that way everybody gets the recognition you don’t have to worry about the spam.


A very good idea to update a table or graph in your profile to all accounts. If I want to know if someone has a badge, I go to that person’s profile and that’s it.

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@mcgesguerra, welcome to the community. I really sympathize with you on this, but it may have been that you compromised your paper keys. Someone may have gained access to your keys. And if it is that, sorry no remedy.

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I will say that when a project constantly gives away small amounts of their coin/token it should not be a surprise that it’s community becomes inundated with leeches. If the Twitter giveaways stop or if there was project news then perhaps some of these faux members would actually stop and invest in $TWT instead of just trying to scavenge as much as possible to dump.


The community will eventually grow to the extend ,majority will love the #ideas and work towards the benefits and value of the community, all the crypto lovers and dreamers will always join us ,we might be hungry for Airdrop now but as time goes on we will have freedom which decentralisation gives , many of us will learn a lot and shift our thinking from quick cashing out to long-term deal ,and start holding for our dear life #HODL , @Vande76 your write up touches key areas but if you can read my comment you will understand my stand on this though I must not be 100% agreed with your post because I have realised that most people haven’t really learn more about the future of crypto currency and how it will help eliminate their financial fear and we are all here to learn more a lot of things are unfolding from crypto space this is just the beginning by the time fiat world became unimportant to global masses believe me the shit coins you know out there will have a lot of value ,thank you for your time

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