I want to use few seconds to introduce you to a great crypto currency, sparkPoint.

SparkPoint Token or SRK is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, SRK is one of the few cryptocurrency projects from the Philippines that are actively traded on exchanges, also they have cryptowallet that can store SparkPoint Token, Bitcoin Ethereum and some ERC-20 tokens.

I Know you maybe asking how different srk is from other tokens or coin;

SRK has an innovative gaming platform such as Crypto Slicer and CryptoBurst Game and of course crypto solitaire that is still under development,where players can truly own items and earn points with real world value through Blockchain.

There also have an e-learning portal full of blockchain technology and financial literacy courses to educate people about the Crypto space.

Sparkpoint have an online marketplace that accepts SparkPoint Token and Bitcoin as payment. customers can earn through shopping in the platform.

I will encourage you to read about this great project.


Sparkpoint is the Best Crypto currency any one can trade, am already benefiting so much from it…thanks for putting up this beautiful piece :heart_eyes:

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I was pretty sceptical when I heard about it some time ago but recently it really surprised me in a good way. They have a very interesting and transparent roadmap and you can really start to see the use of the token now. Looking forward to what the project has to offer in the future :slight_smile:

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It’s really an awesome token… I want to buy the token soon

Great, the earlier the better though.

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