Speed Up & Cancel Transactions, Plus More Updates

We are thrilled to unveil the latest Android release with multiple upgrades that enhance your Trust Wallet experience. Let’s dive into the details…

  • :rocket: Speed Up / Cancel EVM transactions
  • :lock: Security Scanner details enhanced
  • :robot: ICYMI – Support link in Settings for iOS and Android
  • :raised_hands: Earn action and swap tab added
  • :gear: Other fixes and improvements

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Speed Up / Cancel EVM transactions

Now you can speed up and cancel transactions with ease in the mobile app. The feature supports both legacy and EIP-1559.

Get more details in the Security Scanner

We’ve added more useful information for risky transactions with the Trust Wallet Security Scanner. This way, you know more about why a transaction has been flagged as risky.

ICYMI - ChatGPT-powered support bot in Settings

Also available in iOS, get help and support like never before with the newly added chat support link in settings. Simply Tap “Settings” from the main wallet screen → Select “Support” → then ask the support bot your question.

Fixed APTOS endpoint

We have resolved issues related to the APTOS API, ensuring seamless interactions with the platform.

Minor WalletConnect fixes

Improvements have been made to WalletConnect, providing a smoother connectivity experience for users.

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