Stake twt into twt vault

I would like to have an option to stake TWT in a similar way I am staking BNB into BNB Vault.

Is this something that can be expected for the future?


I would like in the future to have an option to Stake TWT just like I am staking BNB on Binance. Is this something that can be expected in the future?


This is a great idea. I was suggesting it too similar like this several months ago. Its just like stake TWT to earn TWT on Trust Wallet App. I hope Trust Wallet Team would take it into consideration. Thanks and God bless us.


There’s an ongoing promotion right now with Beefy. You can stake TWT and earn FRONT. A giveaway is running as well.

Details here: $5000 FRONT Giveaway


I agree with you it would be really nice to be able to stake the $ TWT in ours trust

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I agree with @maxtrustwallet . It will be better if they allow us to stake $twt inside trustwallet App


This is a great idea. Also I hope TWT holders can stake their TWT too to earn TWT. Because I think this has never done before. Only stake TWT to earn CAKE and other tokens. But I hope in the near future staking TWT to earn TWT will happen soon too. :slight_smile:

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Yes I am hoping this too. I hope to have in the future to stake TWT to earn TWT. And I hope Trust Wallet create their own DeFI exchange too like other projects like PCS, beefy and autofarm.

Yeah, I believe is high time they introduced TWT staking. Our TWT are just lying in our wallets doing nothing.
Locking for a period will even help the price.

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agree, it’s good idea staking TWT.

Hi there! Please add $TWT staking! What is the uses now of the $TWT token?

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