Staked BNB on Alps

Hello Everyone,

I had staked BNB on Alps validator for almost 10-12 days ago and everything was going great until recently I was unable to unstake and the app started going very glitchy. Then yesterday the app showed my staked BNB amount on the BNB page but once I went into the staking menu Alps has vanished from there and on the staking menu it shows 0 BNB staked. Please help, I just want to recover my funds.



I have this problem too.


I have the same problem too.
I sent a request to Trust Wallet support team this afternoon. Hope they take a quick action to solve this issue.


Hello, i have the same problem, in [stake] details, it just show 0 bnb staked. And “Alps” its not there any more!
So i cant redelegate my bnb coins; whats the solution?
Thank you.

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Same thing is happening to me, and the worst is I don’t think we’ll be seeing our BNB back soon… no staking rewards either

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Now this issue has been solved. Having updated my android Trust Wallet app. this morning, Alps appeared in the pending list, I could redelegate it to other validators. Good luck to all!

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Not fixed for me yet, I instead unstaked through Binance’s own website, was able to find my BNB there.

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How do you claim the rewards once you have staked. ?

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Guys pay attention, everyone, who has android app. there is a new update version 1.27.17! Everything is good so far!!! Good luck on your mission!

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