Staked my CAKE tokens but it won't show up in my CAKE balance in the app

I swapped Binance smart chain tokens for cake tokens and the amount of cake tokens were confirmed but never showed up in my Trust wallet. However, the cake tokens did show up in pancakeswap. I did add the cake tokens from the toggle sign but they still show zero in my Trust wallet.
I am now staking my cake tokens on pancake swap. How do I get them to reflect in my Trust wallet? I staked BNB tokens in my Trust wallet and they showed up fine, but not my cake tokens.
Please help.


Hi @DeFiDanny,

It is intentional. Since your CAKE tokens are locked in Pancakeswap’s smart contract, it won’t show up in the CAKE balance in the app. It is only viewable via their DApp.


Thanks for your quick response…

Just to verify…once I eventually unstake them they should show in the Trust wallet?

Thanks again!

Yup, it will show up since you have the CAKE tokens in your wallet, not in a smart contract.