Staking BNB - Migration from Beacon to BSC

I can see that in the BNB Chain | BNB Chain Staking | BNB Chain Swap page of remaining Beacon validators, only 4 are still active, and none of them is the “TW Staking”.

What are the consequences of this? Why is the TW Staking appearing as “Migrated”? Does it mean that it doesn’t accept any transaction?
I can see the “staking” APY on Beacon is 0%.

About those 4 validators(currently Legend, Ankr, 48 club, Synclub): What will happen if there is no validator at all - then will it be no way to get Beacon BNB funds to migrate to BSC?


@xmar Please keep the discussion to one topic and not creating multiple topics.
I believe you should see a button to Redelegate to the BNB Smartchain.

Yes thanks, I created this one to cover this specific case.
I cannot see any “Redelegate” method, no. Mobile application on Android.

Given that there was no clarity about it, I opted for unstaking the soonest (yesterday).
Now, my funds are in “Pending” state.
However I do see also a link “Redelegate to BNB Smart Chain”.
Can I still use it, even if my stake is in “Pending” state ?

@xmar It takes 7 days for the unstaking to be completed so you’d need to wait for 7 days.