Storing token long term question and if

Hi I’d like to ask about my concern, if I’m going to store one of the supported token like an ERC20 token in Trust Wallet long term(like gonna forget about that token for several years or so without looking into it) and then that token launch its own mainnet, will Trust Wallet support that coin’s blockchain and convert automatically the ERC20 token to that coin’s blockchain from within Trust Wallet?

Also please do look in to supporting Cardano and its staking features.
Thank you very much.

You will be solely responsible of your assets.
In the event that the token will go thru a token swap, you need to manually do this.
Trust Wallet only provides the user access to their funds on the blockchain that is supported.

Adding new blockchains takes time and collaboration with the projects.


I see, but in the exchanges they do that automatically right, like Binance? If I leave my tokens there and if something like mainnet happen the exchange will automatically swap the coin, although there’s a risk with leaving asset in the exchange for a long time.
Thank you

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Trust Wallet is not a centralized exchange.
Learn more here:

Exchanges like Binance, manage your assets, hence they do the swapping for every user on their platform.
Trust Wallet, we do not have access to any user wallets.
You have sole responsibility on your wallet.
Your keys your crypto.


I have great confidence in Trust Wallet in managing my crypto asset. Thank you very much for the information and your time. :pray: :pray:


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