Stucked cake, can’t transfer to Binance

I tried sending cakes from trust wallet to binance and it got stucked and the transaction is not being reverted back. Please can you help me out
Version: 6.1
Recipients address: 0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82
Hash address : 0xce3e73a89a437ffde5ebf6859b8fb486accd4732d95d7820860f6d60156d8fc3

Sender address: 0x042107e1c80bfeecc0ec3ce64e62181798b52ad0


@Unainkhan20 this is not transaction for sending token to Binance but you were try to interact with PancakeSwap smart contract and failed. If your funds didn’t returned, contact PancakeSwap for support.

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But i copied the address from binance so why didnt it sent to binance? And i tried to contact pancake swap but they dont have any support.

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@Unainkhan20 we can’t prove that, transaction hash shows you interacted with PancakeSwap contract. Wait for them to reply.

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But why did the transaction disappear like i cant see any sent cakes from my transaction history its just vanished. Please help me out.

@Unainkhan20 app displays only transaction history for sending/receiving tokens. DEX, DApps and swapping transactions can’t be displayed in the wallet.

Sir can u unable the photo uploading mode cuz i wanna explain my point?

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