Sugar cardano stuck or frozen

Good morning,

I have noticed that my sugar cardano has been frozen… Last week I tried to sell it but changed my mind and didn’t finish the process since then 22M tokens not moving neither up or down… I have attached screenshots for your reference. Many thanks to all of you for your supports.


Hello @AliB7481 can you give more clarification on your issue? What do you mean by your tokens are frozen?

Hello Alan,

Its not moving neither up or down it looks like it is stuck @ $10.64 since last 10 days more or less… I remember when was trying to sell it had to enable it on pancakeswap then I changed my mind since then it didn’t move and stayed at the same rate $10.64. Provided screenshots in my previous message.

Thank you

i have the same type of issue i think ordered a smart contract for “Pegged” cardona for use on 1 inch router v3 i thougt i was swapping like half my ada with tether so i could farm but im finding out that thats not the case i cant seem to verify the addresses no matter what i do can someone please help me get mt tokens back

@AliB7481 Trust wallet displays price according to CoinMarketCap. If the price is identical to CoinMarketCap… that means there’s no problem with the app.