$SUN by Justin Sun Tron

Discuss please
what do you think about $SUN token
Trx holder minted?

are great #DeFi trx market or bad token?


The genesis mining has currently over 7.4 Billions Tokens locked for SUN. The supply is limited as for Bitcoin and the potential is huge.

This will be good opportunity for Tron to draw a lot of people on their network as due to high fees and low speed transactions, Ethereum network has a lot to fix. Tron is using the right time to bring more users on its platform. There is a lot of earning opportunities with Voting, staking, BankRoll, BTT mining with DLive and now with SUN launched and JustWrapper coming… Tron is drawing a lot of people. Ethereum DeFi is switching to 2nd Layer to use Matic and other similar protocols for faster and cheaper transactions.


justin coin again :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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No need to worry which is legit :money_mouth_face:


How can I get this fun token, what’s d price now


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SUN token has started trading today. It went upto $65 and is currently trading at $35. You can get it on many exchanges. Speculation is for $250 as the quantity is limited.

Please do not fall for it before reading and understanding thoroughly about it. It’s use case is not clear and trading this is at very high risk. Please tread carefully