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I did a transaction on my Binance account. I wanted to transfer my ETH from my Binance wallet to my Trust Wallet address. I went to “Receive” part of ETH in the app and got my address. Then I transferred my ETH from Binance website to my wallet address over BEP20 network. The transaction was successful. A link to this transaction is provided above. I did not receive my ETH on my Trust Wallet and it is also gone from my Binance wallet.

Hello @sororak you already transferred out your funds to another address: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

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Transaction id:


Crypto address:


I sent xlm to an address because i was buying a watch and they said they only take crypto and now that i sent the money they never sent out the watch. They said it would be shipped with dhl and i would get a tracking number. I never got a tracking and i called dhl and they said they have no record of anything being shipped to my address, so i was scammed. I will attach proof of transaction. I have screenshots of my convo with the “seller” and how he stopped answering me when i asked about my package. I have proof of them confirming they scammed me

Hello @Braniko we have nothing to do about this issue. Blockchain transactions can’t be reversed or cancelled.

@JennyMillan @Alan47

I have both the same problems as Rossi101. BNB was sent to my smart chain address, not the regular BNB address. and when I try to submit a ticket, the captcha verification fails.

Please help

App version 6.12

Transaction hash 0xeb87a5a49e658b1f425b5980db85ad9905306e6ad43ac71eda15b83d711bca5b

smartchain wallet address 0x7926EE05fb846Df0B28d5Ef33577B48E8b1f416d

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Hello @meehanty this transaction hash is invalid or transaction didn’t broadcasted to the blockchain. Contact the sender to give you correct transaction hash.

I figured it out. It was sent over the Ethereum network, not bep20.

I can’t view it in trust, but it is in the wallet. I can see after importing the wallet to metamask and viewing it through there.

If anyone else has this problem, try that.