Swap BNB BEP2 for BEP20 lost token

I just used the “Swap To Binance Chain” in Trust wallet. The BNB BEP2 contract was executed successfully, withdrew from BEP2 account, but did not show in my Trust Wallet as a BEP20 deposit! When making the swaps, addresses appeared correct. See attached photo of wallet addresses involved in the swap. I’ve also included the contract of the initiated swap.

Trust version: 5.15

iOS 14.4

iPhone 11 Pro

Hi @Dcheathtx,

Please be informed that you conducted a cross-chain swap from BEP20 to BEP2, not the other way around.

You already received 0.93544798 BNB (BEP2) on your wallet bnb1v4qyw48m7rdy0c4smgkaevnv08umq5757awguf. Can be double-checked here: Binance DEX recieved by bnb1v4qyw48m7rdy0c4smgkaevnv08umq5757awguf

Thank you for the clarification. Should I not see that transaction in my list of activity from Trust Wallet?

Note, only 2 of 3 transactions show for 2/27/2021

Yup. It won’t show up since it is an internal transaction. Worry not, you already received it.