Swap BnB from unusable network

Hi, I’m trying to swap BnB to its original network right now. It’s in a network that cannot be used. When I try to swap, the network that my BnB is in is not in the menu. Any input would be well appreciated.


@vasin What network are you trying to swap to ?
You should note the beacon chain is getting sunset so you shouldn’t be planning to make swaps there.


Thank you for your response. It’s a yellow BnB with a smaller yellow BnB logo. I’m trying to attach a screen capture, but the system doesn’t allow.

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@vasin You shouldn’t be swapping to the BEP2 network, it’s getting sunset.

Thanks, Tobi What should I do? I tried sending part of it to another wallet, it did not go through.

@vasin I’m not sure I understand what you mean, was there an error message when sending ?

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I cannot find the network of my BnB. So there’s no way I can swap. What can you recommend? Thanks again for your kind reply…

@vasin Tap on the BNB token, at the top the network is written.

Can’t seem to find how to create a new post, possibly can’t because I’m a new user. I’m having issues with unstaking BNB and also trying to swap available BNB from beacon chain to smart chain. It gives me an error code that’s it’s not in correct format code 400. I have available BNB smart chain available to pay for the network fee so that can’t be it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

“The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format. Code: 400”

@JonathanFisk Please submit a support ticket at support.trustwallet.com