Swap Bp2 or Bp20

Hello, I have chz currency in my wallet on the BP2 network, but unfortunately I found out that this network is no longer supported. Now, how can I change the network or sell that currency?


@Hasanjo0on Are you referring to that particular token or the BEP2 network not being supported?

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the bep2 network has a problem

I cannot access my coins btcbep2 ethbep2 ada bep2 on 2 wallets .

coins are on the beacon chain but not in a wallet !

I have done every thing prescribe by the help center twice including different devices.

how can move my coins before the beacon sunset ?

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@lucidarma Please open a support ticket through your Trust wallet app or at support.trustwallet.com

To reduce response times from customer support, please include the following info in the ticket:

App version, device model, wallet address, TX hash (if available), and the blockchain + assets you’re experiencing the issue with, and any relevant screenshots or videos to duplicate the error.

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I have submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago with all the details and I am still waiting for a human response !!!

my multicoin wallet shows my btc correct balance but not my btc bep2
my other wallet with eth bep2 and ada bep2 shows zero balance!!!

so to reduce time being wasted

I did not touch the coins for months !
the coins are visible on the beacon chain
and the app is working but the problem is the beacon chain sync.

I doubt I am the only one experiencing this situation.

no reply from the support and you sending me back in loops.

Customers should know where goes our submitted tickets who reply and who is responsible ?

I wonder why sending coins through the beacon chain from exchange is still going on at this moment and no one care ?

so beside sending another ticket and waste another week while things goes up what do you suggest I must do ?

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@lucidarma You can submit another support ticket but you could also ensure you add picture and video references so the issue could be replicated.

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