Swap from BNBSmartchain to ETH : missing from wallet

I used swap feature in trust wallet to swap from BNBSmartChain to ETH. However, the transaction is not listed in my wallet and the money is not shown.

FYI - using 10.4 version of the app. and here is the transaction hash/

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@AGT77 You received your ETH already

Thanks for the prompt response. appreciate it. it took some time to reflect in the app. Is it usually delayed? Also, is there a reference knowledge base to understand this swap process better?

Thanks in advance.

@AGT77 Yes swaps aren’t instant because a 3rd party provider is used and it all depends on them.

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Hi, I have the same problem too. I’m still new in this so I’m struggling :’))



@chaoticavo It seems you received your ETH already