Swap improvement proposal

Trust Wallet has a built-in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain swap, transactions are made on the same DEX, users get less than they could, Polygon users cannot make a swap directly in the application and Tron holders cannot make a swap in Trust, they must install another crypto app.

What does this proposal bring:

  • Polygon in-app swaps
  • Tron in-app swaps (JustSwap)
  • Unknown tokens with LP added by the user (the user searched contract address in the DEX token search) can be exchanged in the application, but the user will receive a warning before the swap or approve.
  • All swaps except Tron will be conducted through the 1inch aggregator, users will get more, as 1inch is looking for the best deal on many DEX.
  • The user can specify the desired max slippage in advanced.


as for me, all except tron integration is good idea. for some people it will be very usefull, especially ios users

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1inch is not working with bep2 tokens, that is used in app too (So that line about all tokens except Tron must be edited, i think). Also, as i see use 1inch contracts to reach uniswap/pancake costs more for user, then standalone uni/pancake.
So Dex aggregator is useful for large bags of altcoins more, than for ordinary swap service and more usefull to expirienced users with some strategy on swaps.

Not a critic, but remarks, and many thanks on starting a meaningfull discussion.

Also, is there any prefered AMM on Polygon that you can name as analogue to pancake/uni, as an anchor partner on Polygon swaps?

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Using 1inch is not expensive, even swaps on uniswap/quickswap/pancakeswap are mostly more expensive.

Got you couple of screenshots, from app. Hope it will change your mind, because fact that when you ask 1inch to go to pancake you use 2 smartcontracts, both of them use gas to calculate things, so using 1 contract will always be least expensive, then 2 in row.