Swap rune bnb beacon chain

The swap option is no longer available on Rune (bnb beacon chain) so I am unable to get it out of my trustwallet. Only able to send but can’t find a valid address to send it to. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

@jandel The BNB Beacon chain is getting sunset, it’s best to send out to an exchange that supports it and swap there.

That is my problem, I can’t find anywhere to send it to…I haven’t found any exchange that supports and will deposit bnb beacon chain… Do you know of any maybe that I haven’t tried? Thanks!

@jandel There are still maybe a few exchange that do support it, please do your research.

Hello, I have a similar issue. I mistakenly purchased 2.175 BNB Beacon Chain tokens and tried to use the Swap feature within Trust Wallet’s app to swap them for BNB Smart Chain. I’ve used Trust Wallet for years and have Version 11.7(1053) on an iPhone 15 Pro. I have enough BNB Smart Chain to pay the shown fees, but when I go to approve the transaction, the error message “amount should be positive” comes up every time.

I have tried severely reducing the amount I would swap. Nothing helps.
Your thoughts?

@smythster The BNB beacon chain is getting sunset, it’s best you send out to an exchange and swap there instead.

Understood which is why I was trying to exchange them for the BNB Smart Chain. I’ll see what wallets might allow exchange that I have. Thank you.

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Does this mean the “How to Migrate Your BEP2 Assets to BEP20” guide is no longer applicable?

It didn’t seem to work for me. I’m still looking for a solution. Can’t transfer them to Coinbase, Metamask, Crypto or Binance.

@smythster I believe Binance still supports BEP2 BNB deposits so you should be able to send there.

I have a solution. Do it through Chrome on your computer. It worked for me.