Swap USDC ETH to ETH "Route not available"

I need to swap USDC ERC20 to TRX, it asks for ETH. When I try to swap USDC ETH to ETH, it says “Route not available”

Please help.


@Soul777 Since you said you need ETH, I’d assume you do not have any ETH and you need them for ERC20 transactions.

I added ETH from anther wallet and I now have USDC ERC20 and ETH. But when I try swapping USDC ERC20 to TRX TRON, there’s no option to select TRX at all.

When I try swapping ETH to TRX, it allows swapping to TRX Etherium only, no option to swap to TRX TRON.


@Soul777 The TRON network isn’t supported yet in the swap section of the Trust app. You need to find alternatives to swapping to it which may include but not limited to; sending out to an exchange then swapping there.