Swap usdt(erc20) to doge [transaction error]

Please help me

20$ usdt(erc20) swap doge coinn, I encountered an error when I uploaded the error photo, the amount in the network, which was Ethereum, was also deducted from the Ethereum account, but the conversion was not done, please help to solve the problem


@Moslem Can you provide your receiving address and transaction hash?


:point_up::point_up:Ethereum network fee transfer code

approve usdt



@Moslem You made a direct transfer to this address 0x6BD08535C2Ca3318ccDE9dA28d3A3c9E1A9bD217 and not a swap.

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The conversion fee of two dollars was deducted from my Ethereum account, but the conversion did not take place. Is the fee refundable?

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@Moslem All transactions in the blockchain require transaction fees in order to be processed by the miners/validators regardless of whether it was a successful transaction or not.
These fees go to the miners/validators directly, not to the Trust Wallet team.
There is no such thing as a refund for it.


Hello, I am new. I have USDC in my trust wallet and want to transfer it out. It says I don’t have enough eth balance for the network fees to cover for the transfer. How can I get the ETH? And how much do I need?

@Benedikt78 When you try to send a token out, you are charged a fee for your transaction to be processed, these fees are not charged by Trust wallet but Miners/Validators.
You can choose to send ETH from an exchange like Binance to your Trust app or buy via 3rd party provider in the Trust app.

My address has a ETH what is this for trading