Swapped BNB for ETH Twice With No Problems..Third Time Issues

I have swapped BNB for ETH twice in the past two days with no issues. It says completed, the ETH shows up in my wallet. Today I tried it again and while it says “Completed”, I do not have the ETH in my wallet and it has been three hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Transaction Hash: 0x6167383a8d24aa0e1810c8f3400d3539104b21976de43df180b15d12d8007e9e

My Wallet: 0xF3c2B84fA141D5b44BF49349ed784aEfF08c958E

@kveld3 You already received your ETH


Hi Tobi,

It came through after I put up this post and was away from the computer so I couldnt update it. Thanks.