Swapped BNB to Smartchain, swap didn't actually happen, but fees charged

So I swapped 0.03 BNB to Smartchain earlier today, only it didn’t actually swap tokens.

My BNB balance is now showing 0.02596 BNB, so in other words Trust Wallet just stole a transaction fee from me.

How can I get this back???

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Good luck. They cancel it and your money is gone. As soon as all of my stuff is listed elsewhere. I’m slowly sending it all.

@Alan47 can you please look into this??? I tried to upload pictures from my trust wallet, but it won’t allow me.

I currently have the same issue. Was swapping 0.2 BNB worth of Safemoon and transaction kept failing until one went through and used 0.003 BNB as gas fee but still transaction failed.

Hi, @jamesn3slo It could be slippage issue, try to increase slippage % or contact PancakeSwap for support.