Swapped Ether for Shibu Inu but shows Zero

When I swapped, it just showed zero from the getgo (I didn’t use uniswap link), however, there’s a record of my transaction that says Approve: SHIB but the balance shows zero.

Uninstalled, reinstalled the app, and imported my wallet, nothing.

Am I missing something here?

Trans Hash: 0x368981ff8f1f85d052ac6d2b57b67e2e4ec62b2ab62e0e13d5b9501fc948efc6

its been over 5 months with this problem

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When swapping tokens for the first time, you have to approve it first to be spendable. And, that is what you did just now.

Since you are done approving the token, you need to enter the amount that you want to exchange then press the swap button.

All in all, you will confirm two transactions: approve and swap

NB: Both token approval and swapping transactions needs gas fees.

I was charged gas fees when swapping for the amount of Shiba inu I wanted. Does that mean shiba inu wasn’t purchased? Can I purchase it at that price way back in May?

Please read the last statement there, both approval and swap would require a gas fee.
Also no you can only purchase at current price.