Swapped Fomobaby to BNB but balance not yet updated in the wallet

Hi Support Team,
I swapped my Fomobaby to smart bnb using panecakeswap.
PFA details

Transaction hash -0x3f4a581631059337090de6d9915afe4e05c3add00d69495885b82872700123c2

Transaction hash
Please help

Hello @Abhineet
There is no problem here, you swapped your tokens for $2 worth of BNB and it is in your wallet

Hi Jenny,
There were 2500 tokens and worth $5000 not $2 . My current balance is 21756 whereas before the swap it was 24256

Where did you get that price from ? Can you explain where it was shown ?

The price of the coin increased to $2.29 you can check CoinMarketCap as well for the price to verify.

Sometimes the Coinmarketcap pricing is wrong.
You swapped on pancakeswap which already swapped your Fomobaby for the right token

Before doing the swap I checked the price in CoinMarketCap and it was showing me $2.29. Only after checking the price I swapped it.
How can coins worth 5k would get swapped for $2

Hi Jenny,
Are you there? Awaiting your reply in resolving this issue.
Please respond

Hello @Abhineet
Coinmarketcap showed you a wrong price.
The price you swapped for is the correct amount

So you swap your token without check pancakeswap price… People need persons like you to make scam.

Price on coinmarketcap increase because of indoex exchange, he has got some buy order very high but it’s not possible trade fomo I this moment.

To check the right price go on their website in a box situated down on the right you find right price