Swapped Safemoon yesterday,

@Alan47 I need your help :pleading_face: please. I swapped Safemoon yesterday, and wherein the transaction says “success”, I see 0 balance in my Safemoon V2 wallet. It has been almost 24 hours now since the transaction.

Transaction Hash:


Wallet Address:


Would greatly appreciate.

@Cren you didn’t swap SafeMoon v2 tokens. You can see on your transaction it is old SafeMoon contract which means you swapped your BNB for V1 (old) SafeMoon tokens.

According to SafeMoon from December 29 2021, any v1 token transfer/ swapping will have 100% tax.

Read more here: https://twitter.com/safemoon/status/1476198900717342724?s=21

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.


So that means all the V1 tokens purchased are lost? :scream::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: Coz the balance for the old token also shows zero. I’m not liking this pancake swapping experience at all. Saf but true