Swapped SHIB to ETH but did not receive

I attempted to swap all by SHIB to ETH. Transaction says processed, but I did not receive any ETH. I still have all of my SHIB as well, but I was charged the gas fee. Any suggestions?

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Hello, I’ve been dealing with the same thing since morning looking for answers. I too swapped some Shiba Inu this morning for ETH but haven’t received the ETH for the past 7 hours now. I might add that on both times I was charged network fees. By Shiba Balance was not reduced. Also clicking the “More Details” option in the smart contract call shows the status = success. Please can someone check to explain what this means and what to expect.
I can also provide screen shots if needed

Here is my transaction id


Sorry, I forgot to include the below Transaction Hashes



Same thing happened to me. Now I lost the transaction fee and there is no receipt of the transaction. Get the transaction receipt is gone. And now I can’t transfer anything because my ETH is to low for the gas.