Swapping BNB beacon chain and ETH Issue/Clarification needed

When I swapped BNB beacon chain to ETH within Trust Wallet (regular swap, not cross chain method) it said successful but the amount seemed much lower than before confirmation. Could this be a big network fee? If so, how can I see the gas network fee to confirm? It shows that the swap was successful but doesn’t show the amount I received in the transaction screen (and I didn’t check how much ETH I had prior to the transaction).

I also don’t see a confirmation within the ETH (like inbound qty of ETH) whereas I see the outbound or sent BNB within the BNB beacon chain.

Please advise as the hash doesn’t specify much besides that it was successful.

Here is the Txn Hash:




@DeFiDanny This is the transaction hash of your received ETH

I don’t think the price impact is much, it must have been shown also before you swapped.


Thanks for posting the etherscan, Tobi.

I was about to ask if I need an update with TW but Good news - I just checked and it’s finally reflected in my account.

Question, why did it take several hours?!

Anyway, fortunately it finally showed up. :joy:

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@DeFiDanny Sure no worries, the swaps aren’t instant and they take a while to be received that’s why.