Swapping BTC for USDT in Trust Wallet

Hello! I have BTC in my wallet and am interested in exchanging it for a stablecoin, like USDT. However, it appears that I can’t directly make this swap within Trust Wallet. It seems I must first transfer my BTC to my Binance account, incurring transfer fees in the process. Does anyone know if there’s a way to directly exchange BTC for any stable coin using Trust Wallet? Or, is there an alternative method to accomplish this? Thanks!


@Takos45 You can swap BTC to USDT in your Trust wallet app.
You only need to select the pair, choose the chain first then search the token.


Hi. Im not sure how to write my own post so im gonna write here. 5 hours ago i tried to swap BTC to USDT my transaction till now its unconfirmed.
I saw a video on Youtube that i should remove my wallett from my phone and re add it so i did that.
So now when i check my btc in my wallet its there and it says the transaction is completed but in reality it isnt. Its still in BTC and i can not use this money cuz once i try to sell it or transfer it says “ previous transaction is pending” so what im supposed to do now? The swap did not happen, the btc i can not use for anything now as the swap till now its unconfirmed but same time in the app it says its completed so i dont get it

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@Pat999 Can you check the transaction hash on the explorer ? If it’s pending, then you need to wait till the transaction is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.


When i check on this mempool.space the original transaction its says still uncomfirmed.
But when i check in Trust app, there is another transaction number and it says completed and the original transaction is gone. So i dont really understand where is the original transaction number went from the app. So there is two transaction mumber ?!
And the swap didnt happen i still have the money in BTC and i cant use it , sell it or transfer it. Its so weird

@Pat999 Can you provide the transaction hash ?

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This is the original transaction right but its not on my trust wallet anymore

This is on my app which says completed:


So what should i do now? As i said the money is still in btc it didnt swap to usdt. So i see the money in the wallet but I cant use the btc at all as the app says previous transaction is pending.

@Pat999 If it’s pending, then it’s like I said above that you need to wait till it’s confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.

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Is there a way to speed it up? And how long it takes to get it canceled? Days- weeks? Wish i never done this and i cant cancel it or do anything cuz i dont even see the transaction in my wallet

@Pat999 You can search for a wallet that supports speeding up transactions and import your wallet there then speed it up.

What’s up bro, did you fix yours? Because mine started yesterday and it’s still pending today, I’m paranoid, i need the money for something today. Please reply bro

@Zaddymuna What issue are you referring to ?