Swapping Coins to BNB

I have coins that i want to swap but it wont let me, even on pamcake swap it shows no value to swap
How do i swap them?
Coin is Raptor

@Neaky you have to do your own research, check where it is listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. You can ask on token community chats too.

Its showing on my Trustwallet with a value but what im asking is how to get it from there to BNB ?

@Neaky that is what I just told you on my response above. Ask on that token’s community on where (which exchange) you can swap your tokens for BNB or check on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko under markets section.

Apologies im new to this so wasnt aware coins had their communities
I will have a look now

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I cant find anything or anyone that can help, i cant find any community for Raptor and the only help that gets offered is scammers asking for my secret phrase which isnt gonna happen

On Twitter the “Trustwallet help” send me a link to Wallethelpfix website
This says it will generate a QR code ao they can assist but the form asks for my seed phrase so seems a little dodgy
Am i right in thinking this

Hi @Neaky,

It is indeed a malicious website. Please do not interact with the scammer anymore. If you can take screenshots of the website link, kindly send them so I can issue a takedown.