Swapping THETA & SDAO for something I can cash out with

I am ready to cash out my 3 tokens. Since Moon Pay doesn’t carry these tokens, I need to swap for something I can send to Coinbase to cash out. When I tried to swap THETA & SDAO, these tokens don’t show up on the list they give you to swap even though both of these are on my asset page. Does anyone know what to do about this??


@SLady Not all tokens are supported in the swap tab of your Trust app.

Hello, if that’s the case with THETA, TFUEL, or SDAO, how am I supposed to get my money out of there? Lol. By the way, I tried using a Swap exchange place online and Trust Wallet said I need TFUEL to send my THETA tokens to the Swap place. TFUEL is also a coin I can’t bring up to buy. If I hit the button on the Send page that says “Top Up?” It just gives me the address to send the TFUEL to. I am kind of lost. I actually originally got these tokens on Kucoin & Crypto App excg but now I can’t deal with those in USA.
THX for responding.

@SLady You could deposit those tokens you need as fee from an exchange to your Trust app.

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I can’t do anything with THETA coin? How do I move it? Won’t let me swap or sell…

@Tara41 I’m not sure that’s a Trust wallet issue, it seems you need to contact the token’s support team.

Tara, did you ever get help with your THETA tokens? I am still trying to turn mine into cash some how. Can’t swap or sell. If you happen to see this, I would love to know if you ever got your issues fixed. Thx

Tobi, I have forgotten even how I tried that last month. Read some guides but I run into a brick wall every thing I try to get my money out of these THETA tokens. I need help!! Following what the support AI said to do, it said to hit more after you choose the token you want to sell. MORE button doesn’t appear with THETA token. I do see the THETA chain or network but when I put that particular token it says it can’t find it. This is really stressful. It’s not a lot of money but I need it. Don’t want to lose it. I have never had a problem like this before with my Trust Wallet. Using my IPhone. I live in USA. I don’t know a central exchange that carries it here like Coinbase or Kraken. Not much experience in DEX’s.
Can you try & help me?

@SLady Are you trying to swap THETA token in the swap section of the app ?