Swapping usdt on trust wallet

I have usdt on my trust wallet, can I swap it on any other dapp that can collect usdt fee apart from pancakeswap which deal with Bnb fee?

Hi @Davegee24 ,

You can swap currencies if one of them is the main token of the network. So you can swap USDT (ERC20) to ETH (ERC20) and then ETH to other currencies in this network.
If you want to be able to swap a wider range of currencies, move to BEP20, where you can swap to pegged currencies as well.


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Hi. How is it possible to swap BNB to USDC in my trust wallet? I want stable coin in my wallet. I tried everything and still fail to find ant solution. this is my first time wallet usage.

Hello @dilmenylaim try to use DApps such as PancakeSwap, 1inch etc… fo swapping.