SXP on-chain staking using Trust Wallet, anyone tried?

Anyone tried to stake their SXP via Trust Wallet?

APY is almost 76% at the time of writing this.


Not yet for me, but this is good news

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I think that could be done on Swipe wallet… Not yet on :trust: wallet.

Really that’s nice. Well congratulations to those staking I will pass.

Found that there are step by step instructions to connect to Trust Wallet.


Cool… Nice feature

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Update on this post, I just staked my SXP onchain using Trust Wallet.

Currently the APY is slightly shy of 20%, which is great for long term SXP hodlers… Minimum amount to stake is 1000 SXP.

Do take note current Eth network fees are high, so dont make multiple transactions, try to consolidate into one to save on gas fees.