SXP Token transaction in TW

I approved my SXP tokens to be swapped but never actually swapped therm. So they were stuck in approval. Then when I tried to send them to my wallet address but think I sent I may have them to the contract address, but I’m not sure.

1: Did I send them to the contract?
2: If I did, are they recoverable?

Transaction hash: 0xa7dfcadbd321c3ee6c7af75d00344bd3ebfbdf7b00b1b6b6fe1a762054eb459f

Thank you in advance for any help.

Am I not providing the right information? Or asking the right question?


Hello @CryptoTraveler11 yes, you transferred your SXP tokens to smart contract. Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.

Contact SXP team to see if they can help you recover your funds otherwise, you may consider it as lost. Be careful next time double check before transacting.