Terra Staking with Trust Wallet

Please be aware that there are risks when you stake your tokens.
Read The Risks of Staking to learn more.

Staking LUNA Token

The Terra platform uses its native LUNA token to maintain equilibrium by using specialized algorithmic spending and stablecoin usage data gathered directly from the Terra blockchain. Terra stablecoins and other Terra ecosystem assets can be used for numerous DeFi applications including for on-chain swaps, oracles, lending, borrowing, staking, synthetic assets, and much more.

Staking LUNA can be done by becoming a validator to process transactions and sign blocks that secures the Terra blockchain. Or by simply delegating your LUNA tokens to an active validator using the Trust Wallet app.

How to Stake LUNA

In order to participate in staking, you need to have LUNA on your wallet. You can stake a minimum of 0.01 LUNA. Make sure you have some extra tokens that will be required for Network fees.

Once the LUNA tokens are staked, it will be locked to the validator you have chosen. Unstaking your LUNA from a validator will take 21 days to become available. Please plan accordingly.

Access the Staking Menu

Tap on Stake button to open up the Staking Menu. Tap on the Stake menu to continue.

Choose a Validator

Tap on the arrow to see the list of Active validators. Choose one to proceed.

Input the Amount of LUNA

Put in the amount of LUNA you want to stake. Always leave some tokens for staking/unstaking fees. Tap on Next to proceed. Review the transaction and then tap on Confirm.

Wait for Confirmation

After submitting the transaction, wait for the Terra blockchain to process and confirm it. A Stake transaction will show up on the transaction list. Go back to the Staking status screen to see the current overview of the staked tokens.

Staking Rewards

The size of your rewards is determined by the size of your stake. They also increase as the transaction volume in the network grows since part of the staking rewards come from transaction fees. Terra rewards consist of a mixture of LUNA and a variety of stablecoins. Right after staking LUNA, you will get claimable rewards every block [~7 sec].

You can check them manually by going here, https://finder.terra.money and then search for your Terra address.