Tezos staking rewards

Hey I’ve had my tezos(small amount) staked for a while and I’m still not seeing and or receiving rewards.


Hi @Black9541,

To better assist, please provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (go to settings and press “About”)
  2. Tezos address
  3. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors, if any)

Same with mine let me send mine also

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Version 5.1

Hello @Linaanol,

Tzstats stated the following:

Your balance is lower than the minimum delegation of 500 XTZ required by your baker. This means you may not receive staking rewards or only infrequent payouts. Consider re-delegating to a different public baker instead.

For your reference, please check: TzStats - Tezos Block Explorer by Blockwatch

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Okay thanks Lot i appreciate

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I too have been waiting on my rewards to accrue for over a month now but nothing has happened. I redelegated from baker “Tezos Wake n’ Bake” to “Stake.fish” a couple of days back because the former was showing as “Inactive”. My app version is 1.28.0 and Tezos address is tz1SuZWyhY9u9aSziLxFhhqHT36R9zmNhNWh. Could you please advise? Thanks.

Hi @nitsy,

Per tzstats, you will be getting rewards starting on cycle 362. Check here: https://tzstats.com/tz1SuZWyhY9u9aSziLxFhhqHT36R9zmNhNWh

Thank you for your response. The cycle 362 rewards seem to correspond to my new baker stake.fish. I was actually interested in finding about the rewards owed to me by baker Tezos Wake n’ Bake to whom I had first delegated the coins on March 12 and then withdrawn on April 14.

It takes 21 days (7 cycles) to start receiving rewards. After that, it is up to the validator node operator to distribute the rewards. Try to contact their admins or dev team and check if they were able to distribute it during the period that you staked with them.