Thanks for trust wallet community for upgrading me as label 2

:blue_heart:First of I like to thanks to trust wallet community team member and also thanks to all of you. :trust:

My profile has been upgraded basic to member.
Really I am so happy. :man_cartwheeling:

Information for basic user just visit daily, read the post, reply to others post, do your own post.
Visiting 15 days your profile also will be upgraded. Hope everyone get this badge as soon as possible. :speaking_head:

Again thank you to all of you for supporting me. :pray: :pray:


Congratulations man​:tada::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses:

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Congratulations matey!!! More levels to come

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Wow. Finally, you are a full member. Kudos.
Keep levelling up by being more consistent, add value with your good contents, help others grow and keep trusting in :trust:

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@Mike2microbe @Showlitenetwork @Bivick
Thanks to all of you for replying me

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