The amount of ETH is not showing up in my wallet

I bought Ethereum last night. The transaction was successful, but it’s not showing up in my wallet. The amount shows zero. When clicked, the transaction shows the exact amount transferred.

What should I do?
Thank you.

Mine as well. Purchased yesterday and still haven’t received to my Wallet.

It’s been almost 24 hours

The address it’s going to is:


I have the same problem. Transfered from Safemoon til ETH yesterday, and got aproval. But the ETH never came in my wallet.
I could se on the “recent transaction” that is was approved by Safemoon but still missed aproval from ETH.
Now I cant see it anymore and the money never came :frowning:

I’m having a very similar issue I purchased BNB from Simplex got approval but no BNB bend over 24 hours

I have received the BNB, but my balance is not there, how to solve this problem?

i have the same problem. transfer eth from Indodax and it has been almost 24 hours that I haven’t entered the trust wallet

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I already posted on another thread that I bought ETH moonpay and the transaction is sucessful on Trustwallet but the ETH isnt showing up. Trustwallet is not really TRUSTworthy it would appear as too many people are having the same complaint regarding crypto not showing up…


I had similar issues too. Can be very stressful and I understand better in resolving it by+12135668074 trustswallet.