The antivirus on my phone detected a malware on the app

A warning suddenly appeared on my phone indicating that Trust Wallet brings a virus (a.gray.PiggyGoldcoin.b). Can you please explain?

An antivirus software, also known as anti-malware is a program used to prevent, detect and remove malware. It is very common these days to have one of them installed on your mobile device so you can keep track of most of the apps you’re using on your phone.

If you have faced this situation, when your antivirus software detected the app Trust Wallet contains the virus a.gray.Piggygoldcoin.b, you don’t need to alarm at all.

Trust Wallet is the most trusted and secured mobile wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it has been ensure by our development team. The reason why some antivirus softwares from Chinese origin, such as Tencent, are showing that virus when you scan Trust Wallet is due to Chinese government orders to issue warnings for all Crypto wallet apps.

And remember, malware is usually delivered via infected applications. So be sure to stay safe and only download Trust Wallet via the official website