The ethos and values of Trust Wallet

Cryptocurrency is not just digital money. It’s freedom. Opportunity. A challenge to traditional financial systems and much more.

We are at the forefront of what could be a technological revolution. There is an unfathomable amount of untapped potential yet to come from distributed ledger technology. Just ten years in, there’s so much more left to be designed, discovered and innovated.

Trust Wallet is simply a tool designed to facilitate the growth of cryptocurrency. We have a number of values that we’ve stuck to since our inception in 2017. These help us stay grounded while pushing for greatness.

Break down barriers

Cryptocurrency is famously tough to get into. There are numerous friction points as a new cryptocurrency user, from finding an easy way to buy your first Bitcoin, navigating confusing wallet addresses to figuring out the best way to store your crypto, it’s all a bit of a nightmare for new users.

That’s why our biggest goal is to make stepping into cryptocurrency as easy as possible. We want the experience to be as simple as downloading any other app. Currently we are extremely proud of the straightforward onboarding process of Trust Wallet. However, there are always areas to improve.

For example, we’re determined to make backing up your wallet’s private information easier. 12 words is a great solution and a huge step forward from the early days of crypto, but it’s still not seamless, especially for those that are brand new to crypto.

We’ve still got a way to go, but we want to make crypto as easy to use as possible with Trust Wallet by breaking down the existing barriers to adoption.

Keeping your crypto safe

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is plagued with bad actors. Individuals that want to take advantage of you to steal your crypto.

Long since before Trust Wallet was built our founder, Viktor, has had a passion for digital security. This passion has been a key sticking point for everything that happens at Trust Wallet. Security must always come first.

Inherently mobiles are less vulnerable than computers to viruses, which makes them a perfect home for a cryptocurrency wallet. From there, the wallet is carefully crafted with your security in mind. The end result is that no one can control your funds but you.

Stay off the grid

Trust Wallet doesn’t collect personal information. We don’t know who you are or how much you store on your wallet. That’s your business, not ours. We have the utmost respect for personal privacy, hence why we will never collect your personal information.

Control your money

The wallet is entirely decentralized, which in the world of cryptocurrency is vital. It means that you control your private keys. We don’t hold your funds for you. You have complete custody.

Trust Wallet doesn’t store your funds, it’s merely a gateway for you to access your funds on the blockchain. This means that you can take your private keys and import your wallet to any other wallet provider and access your funds there, if you so wish.

Free and open

Trust Wallet will always be free to use. We don’t exist to drive a profit, we’re trying to improve the usage of crypto. There are some parts within Trust Wallet where you may have to pay fees, but those are not charged by us.

Transaction fees are required to send most crypto payments due to the consensus mechanisms. Buying crypto with a card is facilitated by a third party which needs to charge a fee to continue providing the service. Wherever there are fees, we do what we can to lower them and we never take a cut. For example, we work with more than one payment processor and we direct you to the best one for your area so you can pay the lowest fee possible.

Download Trust Wallet

If you haven’t already downloaded Trust Wallet, that’s okay. You can download it now. Click here to download Trust Wallet.